Family Friendly Facilities

All the Baby & Toddler Facilities You Need

Designed with young families in mind

We have renovated Casas Almorós with young families in mind, providing you and your little ones with all of the big and little things that make a happy holiday for the whole family. We think we have thought of everything but if you need something we haven’t got, just ask, we are happy to help and will try our best to meet your needs.

Facilities for your baby

Travelling with a baby isn’t as easy as before the little bundles of joy arrived and many parents simply avoid travelling abroad because of the stress involved. We try to take some of that stress away by providing baby friendly facilities that you have at home. This will also give you back some of your precious suitcase space for more important things like clothes and shoes

Facilities for your Toddler

Mobile youngsters bring a whole new set of challenges to parents going abroad. We take toddler safety and security very seriously and try to minimise any hazards in our properties and grounds. From stairgates in all our cottages to enclosed pools we try to cover all areas of potential danger.

Facilities for Kids

As children get older they can become even harder to entertain. We provide facilities for children beyond toddler age which will hopefully keep them occupied and give you some precious time to sit by our pool and relax. Aside from having other kids to make friends with and a lovely pool to play in, we provide free wi-fi throughout the property.

Facilities for Grown ups

We want to ensure that Grown-ups have a great time too. We hope that the beautiful setting, peaceful location and hopefully happy kids will go a long way to helping you relax and unwind.

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