Things to do in and around Alicante

Things to Do for All the Family

There is so much to do within around a 1 hour drive of us that you’d need more than a couple of weeks to fit everything in. If you choose to visit any paid-for attractions please let us know, there may be discounts available online and we’d be happy to try and find you some.


There are three excellent zoos within 60 miles of Casas Almóros, all of which are popular with our family. Feed the animals at Rio Safari or walk around the continents at Terra Natura. If sea animals are more your thing, be sure to visit Mundo Mar.

Theme Parks

We know that kids love theme parks, especially the younger ones. Whether they want a giant funfair or a dinosaur adventure, there’s something for all. You can even take older kids to Terra Mitica for a few more thrills and spills.

Water Parks

When you know the area as well as we do, you know how to find the best places for families. That’s why we’ve got a favourite water park in the Costa Blanca area. It’s brilliant for the under 10’s and really well staffed. No need to worry about the kids here!


Take a trip to Alicante and visit some of its hidden treasures or visit the UNESCO World Heritage attractions in Elche. The Costa Blanca area is full of little surprises, including a chocolate factory where the kids will enjoy a free tasting session.


Local knowledge means that we can tell you the best beach with a click of our fingers. If you’re travelling with small children then you want a safe and secure environment with plenty to do apart from swimming. We’ll point you in the right direction.


No holiday in the sun is complete without a picnic. With the mountains on our doorstep, we can heartily recommend a picnic spot with gorgeous views. If you choose to go further afield, you’ve got plenty of options and you can even borrow our equipment too.


Spain isn’t all about the outdoors. There’s plenty to do indoors too. If your kids love exploring, take them to the caves and follow it up with a trip to a sweet factory. You can also go bowling or ice skating if you fancy a bit of time out of the sun.


There are plenty of opportunities for shopping in the area around Casas Almóros. It’s another way to escape from the sun or, if you want to shop outdoors, visit La Zenia Boulevard where you’ll be sprayed with a fine water mist to cool you down.

Food and Drink

We’re able to advise on food and drink options across Costa Blanca, but we do have our favourite. The area as a whole has an excellent reputation for good food and you won’t be disappointed by the selection of restaurants in the vicinity. Fantastic menus. Great tastes.

Boat Trips

Set sail with the kids to a nearby pirate hideout on a glass bottom boat. Perfect for a day out with a picnic or get a fantastic meal while you’re over on Tabarca Island. This is a popular one with tourists and natives alike so make sure you book ahead.


If you’re an avid golfer, don’t miss out on the courses within 20 miles of us. Until you’ve golfed in a green oasis, you really haven’t experienced the beauty of golf. Offers are available so be sure to check with us before you book anything.

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